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Cache Valley's Trusted Epoxy Floor Contractors


The garage - because it's the first and last place you see.


Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings provides a low maintenance, easy to 
clean, durable stunning floor.


Floor Tiles

Create a functional and 
unique floor design with top 
of the line modular tiles. 


Storage Solutions

Effectively utilize garage space for simple organization and secure storage. 


Take Back The Garage

We are leaders in the epoxy industry and we aim to provide exclusive experiences.  We are grounded in the understanding that quality service requires the finest chemicals and equipment.  Our mission keeps us focused on enhancing your garage experiences while also decreasing your stress load.   

Epoxy Utah

Epoxy Utah started locally in Cache Valley, we take pride in providing our customers with the best concrete coatings available. Our staff is trained and licensed to ensure you receive the garage of your dreams. We don’t believe in cutting corners, that’s why we promise you our projects are done on time and right the first time. We share your passion for elite garages and guarantee you will enjoy spending your off-time in your new masterpiece.

Why Epoxy Utah?


We are fully licensed, staying up to date to provide you with quality work. You can feel reassured knowing you are getting the best.


Accidents happen, that’s why we are insured to protect everyone from events that may occur. 

Lifetime Warranty 

We stand behind our work, and provide warranties with all our services. You can be confident knowing your floor will last a lifetime.


What our customer's are saying


"I have dealt with an unorganized, dirty floor, and unfinished garage for most of my life. When I found Epoxy Utah and met with Ian to go over my options I was immediately surprised that his ideas were my ideas. Organization was now a reality with the accessories he could get for bikes, skis, shelving and cabinets. Cleanliness of a garage was now achievable with the epoxy floor. They were very well priced for the amount of work they put in. I couldn't be happier. My wife was very hesitant in the beginning but now is so happy it's done because the house is cleaner, she can pull in and not worry about stuff in front of her car because everything has a place! Would 100% recommend them again! They are not your Home Depot/Lowe's contractors. Well worth the money!"



Get More Info

Have questions and dreams? Feel free to reach out to us today. We are more than happy to help with your inquiries.  

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