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Tile Flooring

Durable Tile Floor

Swisstrax tiles offer a quick and simple way to transform your damaged garage floor into something fun and exciting. With multiple color combinations and textures we will be able to get you the design you are searching for. 


Benefits of Modular Tile Floor

swisstrax 1.jpg

Swisstrax are the most durable modular tiles in the business. With their ultra thick superior strength they are able to withstand up to 70,000 pounds of rollover weight and a compression strength of 3120 psi. Uv stabilizers are mixed into each tile making them highly fade resistant and non-slip. 


Any floor, space, or application, modular tiles are designed to protect and improve the appearance of the floor. Up to 19 different color options to choose from creating that fun unique look you are searching for.

swisstrax 2.jpg
Ease of Cleaning

With their open profile design on each tile they will drain water, dirt, and debris. Having a built in self-draining channel system, you’re able to wash or vacuum, making them clean as new with all debris from underneath cleared away. 

Chemical Resistant

Built to withstand some of the harshest chemicals like: oil, gas, auto fluids, acids and solvents, including Skydrol and Alkalis.

4 Step Installation Process 

Step 1.

Visit the Floor

The first step is to visit your floor, and see what dreams and ideas you had in mind. We will measure the square footage, and discuss your options. Making sure that Swisstrax will be a suitable for your area. 


Step 2.

Clean and Sweep

After we’ve visited the floor and discussed your needs and desires, we’ll then proceed with the ordering. Once your order has arrived we will sweep, and blow out the floor to remove any dust and debris, allowing your tiles to lay as flat as possible.  

Step 3.

Lay Tiles

Now is when you start seeing your idea come to life. In this step we will lay out all the tiles and place them in the pattern you desire. We will cut around any pipes, corners, and curves, allowing the tiles fit as tight as possible. 


Step 4.

Enjoy the New Floor

In the final step we will sit back and enjoy your new revamped stylish floor. We will make sure you are pleased with the design, or fix the layout if you are wanting to change. We want to make sure you are just as stoked on your new floor as we are. That’s why we will alter the pattern to create what you had in mind.  

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