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Q: How long does a project take?

A: The length of the project depends on the square footage and the condition of your concrete. On average it is usually between 2-4 days.

Q: When can I walk on my floor after it has been epoxied?

A: Typically once your floor is all done you can walk on it 48 hours after the final topcoat has been applied. You may start moving your items back into your garage 3 days after the top coat has been applied.

Q: How do I clean my epoxy garage floor?

A: This is one of our favorite benefits of an epoxy garage floor. They are very simple to clean. All you need is the garden hose and a rubber squeegee. Simply spray the dirty area and then squeegee out the water.

Q: Does an epoxy floor increase my homes value?

A: Yes! Having an epoxy garage flooring will increase your homes value more than any other flooring option. Epoxy flooring is a top home improvement that is cost effective. 

Q: Will an epoxy floor make my garage slippery?

A: Epoxy floors are not as slippery as they look. We use a non-slip additive to the top coat to make the floor safe when wet. 

Q: Can a project be done in cold weather?

A: Yes, epoxy can still be applied during the cold months. Some restrictions do apply though, the area will need to have a heat source.

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