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Storage Solutions

Organization for the Garage

Organize your garage to fit your lifestyle. With our storage solutions you’ll find that they keep your space clean, secure, and organized. Our multiple cabinet designs, and storage options will efficiently maximize your area to suit your needs.  Your garage should be treated like your kitchen- everything has a place. 


Benefits of Storage Solutions


We understand that everyone has a different need for their garage. Some people have variety of hobbies. Whether you need to organize the lawn equipment, the mountain bikes, or skis, we’ll use the brands/companies we trust to hang or store your gear properly. Whatever you store, we know our equipment will keep your belongings protected and safe.  


Organization in all aspects of life result in a happier lifestyle. We all want to have that perfect garage where belongings are organized and have a space to create that clean finished look you have always wanted.

Floor Space

We have all been there before tripping over the kids toys. Most garages are filled with clutter and are used for storage, causing our nice vehicles to live outside in the elements. With our customized storage options you will be able to take back your garage, allowing your vehicles to move back in.  


We believe in out of site, out of mind. Sometimes we forget to close the garage door, allowing everyone to see into the garage. Our end result is for your items to be protected from theft and accidents.

5 Step Installation Process 

Step 1.


In the comfort of your own home, we will visit and discuss your needs and your wants with the garage space you have. We will figure out how your storage can be most utilized with your hobbies and equipment. Our team will take measurements and follow into the design stage. 


Step 2.


Once we have visited the location and discussed what your needs are, we then go into the design stage. We’ll show you options that are tailored to you to effectively utilize your space and meet your needs. 

Step 3.

Design Confirmation

Once we have agreed on the layout we will then start to order and build your dream garage.  


Step 4.


Before any work begins, we will contact you to verify the project and make last minute changes, if any.
After the project has been confirmed we will schedule an installation date.  From there we start to transform your garage into a beautiful showroom. 

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